Numerous Deployment Options

The LaserFire® secure optical communications system requires only 15 watts of power and is protocol independent. As a result, the system can be deployed in a number of configurations for diverse applications.

Free Space Optics Link at the University of Arkansas

Building Mount

  • Building to building in rapidly changing climate (steel skin buildings in large temperature swing locations)
  • Airport communications where wireless is not an option
  • Cross highway communications
  • Industrial complex network dissemination

Future Generation of Public Networks

Tower mount for cell phone backhaul

LaserFire Terminal

Backbone for Security Infrastructure

Wireless, highly secure, high speed data backhaul for security cameras using Gigabit Ethernet protocol.

General Multipoint Information Architecture

Building mounts for College, Business, Hospitals and Airport Local Area Networks (LANs) backhaul. No more need for laying fiber optics, for speed and security.

Tripod Mount

Tripod mount fast deploy temporary bandwidth units for Complex Humanitarian Disaster relief, news casting, on foot support, etc.

LaserFire Terminal

Van and Pole Mount

Van mount for media uses, pole mounts for events such as football, baseball, golf, and tennis, for instant media coverage.

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FSO Optics

Not Your Average FSO

An article from the CEO of Space Photonics describing the evolution and current state of FSO

FSO Optics

Advantages of LaserFire

How is our Free Space Optics better?

Laser Lens

LaserFire in the Field

See Our FSO in action

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