XBS X-Ray Blocking and Scattering Epoxy System

Basics of XBS

  • When properly implemented, XBS has been proven effective in obfuscation of critical technology components against X-Ray and Terahertz Microscopy imaging attempts.
  • Developed to conceal critical components from adversaries.
  • Has been verified by in-house and independent laboratories.
  • Intended for coating, glob-top, and cavity fill in applications where protection of critical technology is desired.
  • Space Photonics can tailor novel formulations for a wide variety of unique applications.


  • Two part epoxy for high performance potting, sealing, coating and bonding.
  • Exceptionally high thermal conductivity.
  • Excellent electrical insulation properties.
  • Many different applications
  • NASA low outgassing approval.
  • Includes superb dimensional stability and superior physical strength properties.
  • Low viscosity and excellent flow characteristics.
  • Idealy suited for use in applications where thermal conductivity, electrical isolation and low outgassing properties are required, making it well suited to high vacuum environments.
  • Well suited to aerospace, electronic, optical, fiber-optic and OEM applications.

Managed FPGA

  • Opaque in all known spectrums between Terahertz and X-Ray.
  • Superior dimensional stability; Low CTE.
  • Excellent Thermal Conductivity.
  • Versatile cure schedules.
  • Low viscosity, ideal for cavity-fill and BGA under-fill applications.
  • Exceptionally high compressive strength.
  • Good electrical insulation properties.
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals.
  • Meets NASA low outgassing requirements.
  • Also an excellent adhesive/sealant, forming durable, rigid bonds that resist to thermal cycling and chemicals including water, oils, etc. over the wide temperature range of -60°F to 250°F.

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