LaserFire® Optical Wireless Communication

The LaserFire® Free Space Optical (FSO) communication system allows uninterrupted, secure wireless communication with ultra-high wireless bandwidth.

The backbone of the LaserFire® system is our patented beam steering technology that enables the beam to be rapidly tracked and/or switched internally with a steering field of up to a 30° two-dimensional cone; all without gimbals or steering mirrors! With continuous development, there are multiple versions of LaserFire® which are optimized for specific applications and with the continuation of research, this system is constantly being perfected for specific applications.

As of now, it is already a highly secure communications system that can be deployed in a matter of minutes with push-button rapid acquisition and does not require right-of-way easements or spectrum licensing.

LaserFire Terminal

LaserFire® Tracking, Acquisition, & Pointing (TAP)

Space Photonics® has developed the first of its kind automatic Tracking, Acquisition, and Pointing (TAP) technique that provides the most precise TAP resolution in the industry without the use of gimbals, steering mirrors, telescope movement, and no optical polarization dependence or electro-optic devices.

This results in very low power consumption and very high speed switching and tracking, and also provides a small form factor for easy and rapid deployment.

LaserFire® also provides fast continuous link synchronization that corrects for atmospheric turbulence and beam fading, providing the highest possible quality of service optical wireless link available. We can also develop custom pointing and tracking algorithms for mobile ground, airborne, and space vehicles.

LaserFire Terminal

Fast, Secure, Wireless Communication

The ultra-high precision TAP is therefore able to utilize a small beam diameter that provides reliable links for long distance applications, which also makes it virtually impossible to intercept the data stream; if blocked, the data flow stops automatically to ensure information security.

The high fidelity design currently operates at data rates up to 1 Gbps at distances up to 5 kilometers, while a vast majority of our competitors are still limited to link distances of no more than 2 kilometers and/or a few hundred Mbps data rate. Continuous upgrades for future generations are making headway that will provide significantly longer distances and higher data rates. The system is also compatible with commercially available wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) components to provide much higher aggregate bandwidths.

Whether for a service provider, enterprise customer, or the military, LaserFire® provides a new level of performance for optical wireless communications.

SCHOTT Defense: A Licensed Provider of LaserFire®

SCHOTT has been supplying the U.S. defense market with advanced technologies for more than 40 years. The company’s product range, ready to serve the defense and security industries, includes fiber optics, optical and filter glasses, glass and glass-ceramic armor and hermetic packages for protecting sensitive electronic components.

SCHOTT is an international technology group with more than 125 years of experience in the areas of specialty glasses, materials and advanced technologies. SCHOTT ranks number one in the world with many of its products. Its core markets are the home appliance, pharmaceuticals, electronics, optics, transportation and architecture industries. The SCHOTT Group maintains close proximity to its customers with manufacturing and sales units in all major markets. Its 16,000 employees generated worldwide sales of $2.6 billion in 2011/2012 fiscal year.

SCHOTT Defense website here.

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