FireRing® Muli-Protocol Fiber Optic Node Network

FireRing® products offer a broad range of solutions for customers interested in SAE standards AS1393, or its preceding version, IEEE 1393, for fiber optic networks. We are experts in this area, and have experience going all the way back to the creation of the standard itself.

FireRing® is an intra-vehicular fiber-optic network, with the option of radiation tolerance for intra-satellite applications. It supports high speed, truly real-time data transfer. The protocol has built-in redundancy, and is a great choice for systems that need to meet tight size, weight, and power constraints, and yet, it provides generous amounts of bandwidth with deterministic latency.

More Specifications for FireRing®


  • Military grade fiber-optic transceivers, operating at 3.25 Gbps which can be used to implement the physical layer connections.
  • Fiber optic transceiver test kits.
  • AS1393/IEEE-1393 VHDL cores for use in FPGA or ASIC designs.
  • 1393 Development boards.
  • 1393 DAVS (Development and Verification System), which uses a Labview GUI to allow the user to develop and test 1393 network configurations optimized for the user's application.
  • Gateway cores that connect 1393 to SONET, Firewire, or Gigabit Ethernet

Network Interface Card (NIC)

The Stacked NIC_E board was developed for use in a multi-node 1393 FIRERING®. It is capable of transferring data at 2.5 Gbps using our fiber optic transceivers (HMP4-2500TX/HMP4-2500RX) or using optional coax mezzanine boards. Two Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces and one RS-232 port are provided for I/O. A set of differential SMA connections are provided for clock triggering and testing purposes. The board's functionality is controlled by programming the onboard Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA.

Development and Verification System (DAVS)

The SFODB Development and Verification System (DAVS) software was developed using the National Instruments LabView. This Software enables the user to configure, control, and monitor the status of the SFODB network for educational, evaluation, demonstration, and test purposes.

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